Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Training Tip of the Week: Gross Motor Skills

This is an area where most martial arts and self defense systems can make improvements. A lot of classical martial arts moves require fine motor skills to be executed with perfection. These fine motor skills can certainly enhance your techniques by adding additional pain and compliance through joint locks and nerve manipulations. However, the core movements that stop a would-be attack need to be based on gross motor skills in order to be called upon under stressful conditions.

IT'S A FACT: adrenal stress causes fine motor skills to diminish significantly!

Your self defense techniques and tactics should be based on the reflexive gross motor skills that your body will respond with to protect itself. We all operate basically the same at the reflexive level. We all instinctively flinch, bring our hands up to protect our face and body, and we all move our bodies out of danger without thinking. Harness these automatic responses into your training and let your learned skill-set take over from there.

Train SMART, not just HARD!

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