Thursday, October 4, 2007

Women's Self Defense: Breaking His Balls

The groin strike is an all time favourite line of defense for women the world over.. It's a great target for knees, kicks and grabs. The pain from a strike here can be crippling to an assailant. There are however a few things that you need to know about this target that could save your life.

For several reasons the groin should be considered a secondary target unless it's the only target available to you:

First of all, men are used to being struck there and have built in defenses to protect their "family jewels". They will close their legs, pop their hips back and get their hands down as a shield at the first indication there may be danger.

Secondly, under normal conditions it takes about 5 to 8 seconds for the pain from a strike to the testicles to register in the brain. I know what you are thinking: "when I knee someone in the balls they go down right away". What you are seeing is the body's natural reaction to any impact in preparation for the pain to come. This is part of every human being's natural survival mechanism. If you hit your leg on the corner of a table you will instictively bend at your knees and hold the point of impact with your hands. The testicles are no different.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, under the influence of alcohol, some drugs, and adrenaline the nerves carrying the pain signal from his package up to the brain can be numbed or turned off altogether. That's right, that big obnoxious drunk at the bar who won't take his hands off you probably won't feel a strike to the groin at all. The damage is certainly done and he will wake in a world of pain and bruising in the morning but in the moment the best you've done is made him angry.

For these reasons, try practicing the groin shots as a second or third hit. When you need to get out of a bad situation concentrate on strikes, pokes and gouges to the eyes and throat. Strikes to these areas will often cause sufficient enough damage for him to release his grip on you and bring his hands up to this face, opening the door to groin strikes and escapes. When you can, RUN!!

Of course, if your hands are pinned down and you can't reach him to bite, strike that groin as hard as you can. It may cause him to change positions or shift his weight opening up other opportunities.

HELPFUL TIP: If you can't get a clean shot at the groin, the insides of the upper legs are vulnerable to kicks, knees, hand strikes and pinches or grabs!

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