Sunday, December 30, 2007

You Will Fight Like You Train

You've probably all heard this saying before at a self defense seminar somewhere. Maybe you heard it from me. This is one you can't get around.


Or, you can flip it around. Either way, it all comes down to a few simple thruths about your self defense training that you need to be aware of :
  1. Practise makes permanent. The techniques you drill are the techniques you will use.
  2. You need to practise with an opponent. They air won't attack you in the streets, people will.
  3. The scenarios you train for need to be realistic.
  4. You need to train for random and unexpected attacks or an ambush.
  5. You absolutely must learn how to deal with armed assailants and multiple attackers.
  6. Your training should regularly approach the intensity of a real violent encounter.

Keep those things in mind and look at your training methods. If self-defense is your priority then you need to incorporate these things into your regular training. If you can't do it in your dojo, then find a partner to train with at home, or find a school that will provide these opportunities.

Train Hard, Train Fast, Train Smart!

Monday, December 10, 2007

10 Holiday Safety Tips

Happy Holidays Everyone!

The busy Christmas season is upon us again... are you aware of the dangers around you? Not to put a damper on all the Christmas fun, but try to be careful how caught up in things you become. With everyone running about, trying to finish off the Christmas shopping, those last minute food items for dinner, and a run to the liquor store, people tend to pay a lot less attention to what's going on around them. This is a dream come true for criminals who want what you've got, or just want you!

While the following list of tips and tricks are valid all year, the holiday season is a great time to remind you what you should be doing to stay safe. Follow these tips and have a little more peace of mind:

1. SLOW DOWN! Don't rush around. Pay attention to what you are doing and where you are going. Be purposeful in your actions!

2. Don't leave presents and personal items in the car seats. Put them in the trunk and your car will be a less tempting target.

3. Your keys should always be in your hands before you leave the building. Rummaging through your pockets or purse while juggling five bags of Christmas presents is like wearing a giant "I'M AN EASY VICTIM" sign over your head. Having your keys ready will allow you to pay attention to what you are doing and what is going on around you. They also make a great personal weapon if you are force to defend yourself.

4. Your life is the most important possession you have! If you are confronted by a mugger, don’t hesitate to give him your bags, your purse, or your wallet. You safety should be your priority.

5. Avoid parking near vans or vehicles with dark windows! Criminals often wait for someone to park in a very specific spot so they can grab their victims quickly and avoid detection by other people or surveillance cameras.

6. Travel in groups! You are far less likely to be robbed or assaulted when you are with other people. Remember, these criminals are looking for victims. They intend to prevail, and to increase their chances they choose people and situations they think they can control. Three people are much more difficult to control than one.

7. Make plans and make them known! Let your family, friends and roommates know where you are going and when you plan to return. If your plans change, or you are going to be later than expected, make a phone call and let people know. If you are hurt or kidnapped your family and friends can let authorities know where you were and when.

8. If you are going to drink, then drink responsibly. Alcohol reduces your inhibitions and ability to reason. Don’t put yourself into a position that you can be taken advantage of. And as always….Don’t Drink and Drive!

9. Carry your cell phone on your person and keep it charged. If you are stranded you can call a cab. You can let your loved ones know if there is a problem. You can call the police or ambulance if you or someone else is hurt. Don’t wander around with it stuck to your ear. Again, back to #1, be purposeful in your actions and pay attention to what you are doing and what’s going on around you.

10. If you are threatened, make all the noise you can and run for your life. If you can’t escape, then FIGHT! FIGHT!! FIGHT!!! RUN! RUN!! RUN!!! When you a safe, call the police!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!