Sunday, December 30, 2007

You Will Fight Like You Train

You've probably all heard this saying before at a self defense seminar somewhere. Maybe you heard it from me. This is one you can't get around.


Or, you can flip it around. Either way, it all comes down to a few simple thruths about your self defense training that you need to be aware of :
  1. Practise makes permanent. The techniques you drill are the techniques you will use.
  2. You need to practise with an opponent. They air won't attack you in the streets, people will.
  3. The scenarios you train for need to be realistic.
  4. You need to train for random and unexpected attacks or an ambush.
  5. You absolutely must learn how to deal with armed assailants and multiple attackers.
  6. Your training should regularly approach the intensity of a real violent encounter.

Keep those things in mind and look at your training methods. If self-defense is your priority then you need to incorporate these things into your regular training. If you can't do it in your dojo, then find a partner to train with at home, or find a school that will provide these opportunities.

Train Hard, Train Fast, Train Smart!

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Ueno said...


My name is Joe Ueno from Indonesia

I found your blog through your
youtube video link

I'm a RBSD practicioner with a background in Silat, Jujutsu and Krav Maga

Great posts!

Joe Ueno